Gaslight Gathering 5 will be departing next September 18-20, 2015 at the Town & Country Resort Hotel! Be sure to mark your calendars, set your time travel devices, and prepare yourselves for another steamy adventure with more workshops, special guests, and exciting presentations the likes of which will have you breathless in anticipation!

Stay tuned in to our Gaslight Gathering Facebook and webpage for more fantastic updates in the very near future!


Artwork by: Brian Kesinger


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Gaslight Gathering 4 Official Photos by Tobias Eastman are now available for viewing. Please visit his website: http://jerryabuan.zenfolio.com/





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Now that our “Martian Holiday” has come to an end, we cannot thank you enough for making Gaslight Gathering one of the best Steampunk conventions around. We are so fortunate to have the very best Guests of Honor, presenters, instructors, performers, vendors, and volunteers to make Gaslight one of the best events in Southern California. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

If you have any questions, comments, queries, or feedback about our convention, please email us at: gaslightcon (at) gmail.com.

Most Sincerely,

Anastasia Hunter – Chair of Gaslight Gathering


Photo by: Ralph Vaughan

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Our wonderful Artist Guest of Honor, Ramona Szczerba, has designed this wonderful t-shirt just for Gaslight Gathering 4! Enjoy “A Martian Holiday” in style as we explore the Red Planet for a wild weekend of steamy fun.

The price will be $10 and supplies will be limited! Be sure to purchase one in our Dealer’s Room when you arrive! (No pre-orders are available unless you are a VIP ticket holder.)

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31 Mar 2014, by

Volunteers Wanted


Gaslight Gathering is a 100% unpaid volunteer organization. Everyone on the committee who helps organize this incredible convention does so because of our love for steampunk. By steampunks, for steampunks! Please consider volunteering for a few hours to help make Gaslight the best it can be.

Our Volunteer page is now available above under the Hotel and Info Tab. Or you can click on this incredible picture by our Artist Guest of Honor, Ramona Szczerba, to be directed by her indispensable Coffee-Bots.

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poster CombatZeppsAoSD-poster

Gaslight Gathering will be hosting two very special presentations this year. Please join me in welcoming expert lecturer, Gordon Permann, from the San Diego Air & Space Museum, who will be presenting Airships Over San Diego and Zeppelins in Combat.

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The one and only Gail Carriger will be the Guest of Honor at our sister convention, ConDor, this March 21-23rd at the Town & Country Resort Hotel in San Diego, California. They have a number of interesting steamy panels scheduled, including a Steampunk Ball on Saturday night! Please visit the website for ticket information. http://www.condorcon.org/html/mainmenu.html

We hope you will join us!

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Join us in welcoming the return of the world renowned and legendary magician and mentalist, Paul Draper! This year Paul will be presenting “Mysteries of the Mind” – where the audience members are asked to think of a fairy tale or song, and then Paul will immediately tells them which one they’re thinking of. Expect a bit of magic and wonder and prepare yourselves to be amazed!

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Gaslight Gathering’s next stop will be joining our fellow Steampunks in Old Tucson, Arizona at Wild, Wild West Steampunk Convention III. Please stop by our fan table for updates on guests, vendors, workshops, and special events!

We have lots of great things in store for you all as we prepare to embark on a magnificent Martian Holiday!

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For those lucky few who were able to obtain tickets to the Gallifrey One, celebrating 25 Glorious Years – Gaslight Gathering will be there! Find us to get a very special Gaslight badge ribbon and other fun surprises! Being time travelers, Steampunks are able to blend in anywhere and we are known for having a few surprises up our sleeves!

Oh, it’s a jolly holiday at Gally….

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